Solar Panels in Seattle

Have you considered getting solar panels but aren’t sure if they will be effective enough here in Seattle? It’s true, we are considered one of the rainier cities in the nation, known for our steely skies and constant drizzle throughout the colder months. But Seattle is lucky enough to experience beautiful sunny days, too. Especially in the summer!

These sunny days are extra important because it makes solar panels still a completely viable option in Seattle. Of course, solar panels generate the maximum amount of power on abundantly sunny days. But did you know that they still produce 10-25% of their rated capacity on cloudy days? The variation depends on the density of the clouds and the actual type of solar panel being used – some panels receive diffused light more effectively.

In fact, an interesting phenomenon can happen to solar panels on cloudy days – it’s possible to produce MORE power than you could on a sunny day thank to the “edge of cloud” effect.  This occurs when the sun passes across the outer edge of a cloud and magnifies the sunlight. This boost of light power can help to balance out any loss from fully cloudy days. Seattle is actually a very good candidate for solar power options, with our sunshine AND our clouds.

Check out this helpful infographic from It helps break down how solar panels work, both in direct sunlight and cloud cover. If you have any further questions about whether you should switch, feel free to give us a call at (206) 900-9231. We would love to help you get to a more efficient source of energy.   


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