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Northwest Mechanical, Inc. is committed to helping customers in Seattle, Shoreline, and the surrounding areas find new, innovative ways to keep their homes comfortable. Geothermal heating offers a unique solution that is both energy-efficient and effective. Our heating experts are backed by over 40 years of experience and we are ready to help you bring your home into the 21st century with our geothermal heat pumps.

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What Is Geothermal Heating?

Did you know that the temperature of the Earth remains relatively constant? This is a surprise to many people, but in fact, the ground temperature is reasonably consistent, staying roughly between 50° and 60° all year long. A geothermal heat pump taps into this ground temperature and uses it to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

There are three main components to a geothermal heating system:

  • Ground heat exchanger
  • Heat pump
  • Ductwork or radiant floor system

The ground heat exchanger is buried in the ground, and the heat pump pulls warmth from the exchanger, disseminating it into your home through your air delivery system, such as your ductwork or your radiant floor tubing. Many people elect to use geothermal heat pumps as they are more energy-efficient than traditional HVAC systems. Geothermal systems also offer significant savings in your energy bills, and some reports suggest a savings of up to 75%.

Geothermal Heat Pumps Also Cool Your Home in the Summer

Many people assume geothermal systems can only be used to heat your home in the winter, but they can also be used to cool your home in the summer. In the winter, the system pulls warmth from the Earth and sends it into your home. In the summer, this same system takes warmth from inside your home, and pumps it outside. Additionally, your geothermal system can also be used to heat your water, saving you even more in heating costs.

At Northwest Mechanical, Inc., our Seattle geothermal heating specialists are all fully trained, licensed, and certified. We are committed to staying up to date on the latest HVAC technologies and are proud to offer geothermal heating repair and installation services. When you work with us, your comfort is our concern.

To learn more about this innovative heating system, call our experts at (206) 900-9231.

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