Solar Power and Water: A Video Testimonial

hands in heart shapeA solar power and hot water system for your home or business is not just a conscientious purchase for the environment, it has truly practical benefits, for you, as well! Take it from Marty Riemer of the Marty Riemer Show. He chose Northwest Mechanical to install his solar electric and hot water systems to help reduce his carbon footprint.

He is not only able to create enough power for his own home, but he is also able to help provide power back into the city of Seattle's electric grid. 7 years ago, Marty chose to install a 2.8 kW grid of solar panels on the roof of his home. As a result, the system helps to create a net-zero (and even net-positive) amount of energy for his home throughout the year, even in the Winter. This means that he is capable of creating just as much energy as he uses, and in the warmer months, he is able to produce MORE energy than he is able to use, thus the ability to provide additional power into the city's electric grid. 

He also opted for a solar water system to be installed on his roof. The 8'x8' panel helps to create 2/3 of the hot water that his household needs for the entire year. Because of this, he is able to drastically cut his need for other sources of energy, specifically those that are particularly bad for the Earth and the Ozone, like gas and oil. 

Like Marty, you may be thinking, "Solar power? Even here in Seattle??" Yes, even grey and rainy Seattle is able to produce enough solar energy for a home or business. Come rain or shine there is more than enough solar power all year round to justify the (minimal) extra effort to install an incredibly efficient solar power system. 

So thanks Marty, for not only choosing NW Mechanical but for choosing to be part of the solution instead of the problem.

Take a look at this video to see how much it has improved Marty's life.  

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