10 Spring Plumbing Tips

faucetSpring may have sprung here in Seattle, but that doesn't mean your pipes need to, as well! Here are 10 tips to maintain your home's plumbing and keep everything running smoothly. 

  1. Check faucets for any drips or leaks. It may not seem like much, but that much water can really add up. Make repairs as necessary to help save money and water. 
  2. Check for any hidden leaks in your toilet. How? Add six drops of food colors to the tank. If you have a leak, color should appear in the toilet bowl within approximately 30 minutes. 
  3. While you're at it, inspect your toilet bowl for any cracks or leaks. 
  4. Ensure that your toilets are flushing properly. If the handle needs to be held down in order to thoroughly flush, or if you need to jiggle the handle to stop water from running, you may have some worn tank parts that need to be replaced. 
  5. Declog all drain lines of soap buildup, debris, and hair. 
  6. Pour a gallon of water into infrequently used drains (including floors) in order to fill the trap and remove any odors.
  7. Snake slow floor drains to ensure they are in full working order and will drain water quickly in the event of a flood. 
  8. Check all exposed pipes under sinks/toilets for any sign of leaks.
  9. Go outside and check all exterior drains. Ensure that all yard drains are free of debris and that all downspouts are clear.
  10. Check exterior faucets and hose spouts. Water should flow freely. Also, check to ensure no water leaked into your home from turning on the hose. If it has, you may have had a pipe freeze and crack over the winter. Have this repaired as soon as possible to prevent any further damage.

If you notice any leaks, damage, or potential issues with your plumbing, please give us a call. We would be happy to come out and take a look at all of your faucets, pipes, and drains to ensure that you are ready for the spring and summer. Contact us as (206) 900-9231 at any time and we can schedule an easy service maintenance!

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