The Serious Dangers of Neglecting Boiler Maintenance

This shocking video highlights just how crucially important regular inspections are for home boilers and hot water heaters. A family in Bellingham Washington was lucky to avoid injury when their boiler exploded into a children’s playroom. The impact shook the whole house and the extreme pressure from the boiler propelled steam-heated debris at dangerously high speeds. While everyone inside was safe from bodily harm the extensive property damage was evidence of the potential for disaster they narrowly avoided.

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Turning water into steam, and circulating that steam though home heating devices (like baseboard heaters or radiant floor heat coils) boilers are an effective method for warming a home. Because steam is denser than regular air it is capable of holding more heat, meaning it is more energy efficient. When working properly and receiving regular maintenance, boilers are both safe and productive sources of reliable warmth. However, without regular maintenance a boiler has the potential to build up excess pressure and heat, causing unfortunate and dangerous reactions.

At Northwest Mechanical we recommend annual boiler inspections. This gives us a chance to inspect components for signs of rust, damage, or excessive wear. Our fully trained staff of expert technicians will thoroughly inspect the boiler as well as essential piping and controls. During a routine boiler inspection, we will inspect your water levels, pressure concentrations, and operating temperatures. Our technicians will also check for signs of corrosion, which are not uncommon in systems where water and heat are constantly combined. We will also check for any unsafe emissions, which is especially important for natural gas-powered boiler systems.

Replacing and repairing parts before a malfunction occurs saves you time and money. While the family from Bellingham might not have noticed any changes or problems with their boiler’s function until the explosion, a trained professional would have likely noticed the warning signs. What could have been a simple repair or replacement became a life-threatening experience. Don’t let something similar happen to you or your home.

Call to set up a consultation or make an appointment for your annual boiler inspection. Our service department takes your safety seriously, and we will only make recommendations based on your family’s needs. Regular maintenance to boilers also helps optimize their performance for maximum efficiency. You can count on us to answer any questions you have about boiler safety and maintenance. We are also an excellent resource if you are considering replacing, updating, or changing your heating and cooling systems. Friendly and professional, our service department is dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

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