When To Maintenance​ Your Boiler

table filled with different tools like wrenches and screwdrivers You’re probably aware that you should service your boiler often, but what does maintenance a boiler really mean? Should you service your boiler every month? Every year? Do you just wait until there is an issue?

Since your home’s boiler needs some active maintenance, here are a few suggestions from NW Mechanical on how to maintain your Seattle boiler all year round.

Check your boiler’s filters - This is an easily forgettable but important step to maintaining proper function of your boiler. Dirt buildup can overheat the system and prevent efficient operation. During the winter months, it’s especially vital to keep the air filters of the unit clean and free of anything that can block the heat. Check your filter monthly before it has the chance restrict your heat during the coldest months of the year.

Consider booking a service if your boiler seems to not be working properly - Most importantly, don’t wait until you have a problem before booking a boiler service. If your boiler seems to be working improperly, it’s best to book a specialist from NW Mechanical to come to your home and inspect the problem.

Get the best thermostats for your boiling system - The best way to ensure you are heating your home properly is to install a programmable thermostat. Your boiler is more likely to break down if you have various temperature settings. Once the new thermostat is installed, you will be able to program and maintain proper heating throughout the day.

Don’t wait until you have a problem - Boilers can be a costly system to repair. If you see a problem starting to build up, it’s best to not wait to get it fixed. One common mistake is that, if your boiler seems to be working well, it can be tempting to avoid servicing, thinking there’s no benefit. But, in reality, even if your boiler is working well, problems can build up over time.  It’s best to get them serviced regularly to avoid costly repairs.

Always service if you move into a new home - As well as servicing your boiler every year, you should also consider servicing when you move into a new home. You don’t always know when your boiler was last serviced. Servicing when you move will ensure that there are no unwanted problems left by the previous owner. NW Mechanical would be more than happy to service your boiler to make sure there are no problems.


Boilers can be expensive to fix, so it’s best to have your boiler serviced yearly to prevent any problems. Scheduling an annual boiler maintenance check with NW Mechanical can keep your boiler running smoothly throughout the year. Gives us a call today to schedule your annual maintenance.

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