Spring is Here!

Here at Northwest Mechanical spring weather means solar power! This week we’ve been busy with two solar home projects in Puyallup. With all the sun in that area, the opportunities for solar power and solar heating are great for primary homes or vacation properties. We also finished installing a ductless split system, which heats and cools depending on the season, in a Ballard home yesterday. These versatile systems are a perfect fit for the mild Seattle climate and easy to install. Spring is such a fun time for us because the variable weather has us working on a little bit of everything.

As the sun comes out more and the weather starts to heat up, Northwest Mechanical can always expect to get calls about air conditioning. As more efficient and affordable systems become available for installation, many home and business owners are finding it easier to commit to year-round comfort. Now, in addition to these seasonal air conditioning requests, we are also getting increased requests for solar power systems. This technology is only becoming more prevalent; and with the steady stream of satisfied solar customers, we expect this area of our service to continue to expand.

The healthy real estate market in Seattle has also contributed to more Northwest Mechanical projects. Some folks just need regular system maintenance or minor repairs, but lots of other new homeowners are looking to remodel their new home with comfort in mind. One of the most popular installations we’ve been doing for homeowners is radiant floor heat. This invisible heating system is both efficient and silent. It also eliminates the dreaded feeling of stepping on to a cold floor on a winter morning. Solar or electric, radiant floor heat is a great way to keep your home comfortable, and spring is a great time to have it installed.

Looking forward, we have several exciting ventures lined up. Our team of technicians is excited to start work on installing solar heaters for a few private swimming pools. Just in time for summer, these solar heated pools will be energy efficient and cut the cost of pool ownership significantly. With all the energy savings we hope pool owners will enjoy the full bounty of our gorgeous Seattle summer.

On a more personal note, our founder and fearless leader Buzz Burgett will be celebrating a birthday on the fifth of May. His commitment to customers and employees makes him an amazing man to work for and we are all looking forward to celebrating another year of his hard work and dedication. Happy Birthday, Buzz!     

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