Water-Saving Upgrades to Your Home Plumbing

woman in the poolSummer in the Pacific Northwest is a reminder of just how stunning and lush nature can be. Once the misty rain of winter lifts it feels like the whole world bursts into bloom. This abundance of sunlight and banishing of gloom can feel like an oasis, but no oasis is complete without water. Summer is a crucial time for water conservation. Not only is there a greater demand for water (for yards, carwashes, and kids home from school) but also there is less rainfall. This summer, consider installing one or more of the new water-saving technologies on the market today. Northwest Mechanical is here to help with bigger projects, but you may be surprised to find out just how many green upgrades you can install by yourself.

Toilets: With each member of a household flushing a toilet an average of five times a day it’s little wonder that an inefficient toilet can be the biggest resource drain for a family. There are many water saving options for toilets on the market today. If you have the budget for a larger project we recommend the installation of a low flow toilet. These toilets have tanks that hold less water and use less water to flush. In some cases, they use less than a gallon and a half. When you consider that the average toilet uses about 5 gallons that’s an impressive change. Another type of toilet that saves money is one with two different flush types. By only using the water necessary to dispose of waste the toilet can save water and money for you and your family. Some toilets can be altered to perform this dual function flush system, while others will need to be replaced.

Sinks and Showers- In the bathroom sinks and showers can use plenty of water- especially hot water. In addition to practicing moderation in the use of these devices, other simple installations can cut back on their water consumption. Aerators change the ratio of water to air that is released from the faucet. By having more air in the flow of water, you have the same dampening effects of a sink or shower, but with less actual water use. Depending on the type of showerhead or sink aerator installed, your family might not even notice a difference in their showering, hand washing, and teeth brushing experience.

Big Projects- If you want to make a big difference in your home water use and are thinking about ways to do it, we have a few ideas. Tankless hot water heaters are an excellent choice for the energy efficient home, and one of the many things we at Northwest Mechanical install every day. If you have a garden or water your lawn, a rainwater collection system may be a good option to keep you from having to use fresh drinking water from your home. Regular maintenance is key to properly functioning plumbing. If you suspect that your plumbing may have a leak, call Northwest Mechanical right away. You could be wasting untold amounts of water and money each year.

Together, we can conserve water and energy, not just this summer but in the future. Call Northwest Mechanical today to learn more about our green initiatives and how your house can save money, energy, and water. 

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