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Plan your work and work your plan - a philosophy which lays the foundation for a successful radiant floor installation and a comfortable bathroom, bedroom, and entire home. Northwest Mechanical strongly recommends design services for all radiant installations. The reason is simple: customer satisfaction is important to us.

Many consumers have been misled into believing that radiant floor systems are easy to design and install. But the problems many home owners face after an improper installation have left them feeling spent, dissatisfied and frustrated. Few radiant systems are engineered or installed by trained professionals.

Design services allow you to ensure your idea will work on paper prior to the investment of time and materials. Northwest Mechanical employs trained design professionals that can guide you from the concept stage to the installation. Using the latest software, we can ensure that your project will work as planned. Some more complex projects require additional engineering from a mechanical or professional engineer. We will assist in determining whether this additional engineering is required and can make recommendations.

In order to provide design services, we will need to review your plans. Contact us to send CAD drawings.

Our Design Department uses Wrightsoft, Visio and Sketchup. We can accept your files in AutoCAD DWG or DXF format.

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