Benefits of Geothermal Energy

Are you looking into a more energy efficient and eco-friendly heating source for your home? Northwest Mechanical Geothermal heating installation can save you up to 70% on heating, cooling, and hot water costs. We're experts in tapping the power of geothermal energy to help you create a comfortable, sustainable home.

You may be wondering what is geothermal heating exactly? Geothermal energy is the heat from the Earth. It's clean and sustainable. Resources of geothermal energy range from the shallow ground to hot water and hot rock found a few miles beneath the Earth's surface, and down even deeper to the extremely high temperatures of molten rock called magma. This means the Earth just beneath your home is an abundant source of clean, renewable energy. Northwest Mechanical helps our clients in Seattle and around the Puget Sound put it to use.

Here a few key points in why you should make the switch to Geothermal energy:

1. It’s Extremely Eco-Friendly. Unlike fossil fuel plants, geothermal energy plants do not involve any form of combustion. This means they give off significantly low amounts of greenhouse gases. Binary geothermal power plants, which are the most common in the world together, along with their flash binary counterparts emit close to zero greenhouse gas.

Geothermal heat pumps used for heating and cooling buildings are also ranked among the most efficient cooling and heating systems obtainable today. Their use massively minimizes emissions coming from power production. On top of those, geothermal energy boasts a small land-use footprint. In fact, it ranks among the smallest per kilowatt of all electricity production technology including nuclear, coal and other renewable energies.

2.  Save Money and Energy - Once Northwest Mechanical has successfully installed your geothermal system and it is fully operational, you’ll witness a significant reduction in your utility bill.  Additionally, their maintenance costs are very low. Most institutions tie the upfront cost of installing a geothermal system to your monthly mortgage remittances or other interest financing alternatives. The savings accrued from your utility bills could be enough to offset the increase in your loan payment, offering you additional cash flow.

3. No Sound Pollution- A geothermal system uses exactly the same principles as a freezer or refrigerator. It operates quietly, perfect for a quiet home and neighborhood. Traditional heating and cooling systems produce a lot of noise.

4. Free Hot Water Production- As an added advantage, geothermal systems are able to generate some if not all of your hot water at higher efficiencies than conventional techniques. A simple modification is performed in your geothermal system to enable it to deliver hot water that can be stored in your water heater for later use. Also, during the cooling cycle, the heat extracted from the building is sent to the water heater instead of being transferred to the ground. This guarantees you free hot water as long as the geothermal system is functioning. Who doesn’t like free hot water on a cold day!

5. High efficiency & Low Maintenance - Geothermal heat pumps are characterized by high efficiency. On average, they use 25% to 50% less electric power for cooling and heating. Also, because geothermal systems are designed with fewer mobile parts, which are housed in a building, their life expectancy is significantly high and requires less maintenance than traditional HVAC systems.
Have we convinced you to make the big switch? Northwest Mechanical is a proud supporter of clean and renewable energy. If you are ready to make the switch to geothermal with us, give us a call today!