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Hot Water Heaters

There are many types of hot water heaters, each with their own sets of benefits and maintenance needs. We pride ourselves on extensive knowledge and experience with all types of hot water heaters for home and business. If you are looking to install, repair, maintain, or replace a hot water heater give us a call. Our team of dedicated professionals can help with all your common hot water heater questions and needs.


Regular hot water heater maintenance is crucial to extending the life of your hot water heater and detecting early signs of malfunction. We recommend that yearly inspections are performed by one of our certified professionals to ensure proper hot water heater function. Valves, lines, thermostats, and power sources are just a few of the elements that are inspected in an annual service visit. Water heater inspections can also detect imminent leaks. Once attended to this avoids the risk of serious water damage due to hot water heaters.   

Replacement and Installation

If your hot water heater is beyond its years, or no longer meeting the needs of your household, it may be time to consider replacing your hot water heater. If you live in the Seattle area hot water heater replacement doesn’t get any easier. Northwest Mechanical has experience with all types of hot water heaters we can help you choose the hot water heater best suited for your needs. From tank size to fuel type there are plenty of differences in hot water heaters, and new technology is emerging everyday. We will calculate the optimal tank size for your residence or business and discuss the efficiency and cost to operate of hot water heater models. For Seattle hot water heater installation, you can always count on Northwest Mechanical.


If you’ve experienced problems with your hot water heater in the Seattle area, North West Mechanical can also help. We’ll work quickly to get the parts for your hot water heater and get all the repairs completed so that you and your family wont be stuck with cold water. We understand how important time is when it comes to hot water heater repair. Our trained team has the experience to diagnose and fix hot water heater malfunctions right away. Our years of business mean that we’ll be able to get replacement parts for your hot water heater fast. Your comfort is our priority.

Repair or replace? Tank-less or conditional? Gas or electric? Northwest Mechanical has all the answers to your Seattle hot water heater needs.


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