Solar Hot Water Heater

Solar panels in Seattle are becoming more and more popular. Go Seattle Solar!  And as they should be.  Solar power is an environmentally friendly, dependable and very efficient way to heat your home.  But, its also an excellent way to generate hot water.  

Did you know that using a solar hot water heater can cut your annual hot water bill in half?  Many households choose to use solar hot water in combination with a backup gas or electric storage water heater.  But, the cost savings of doing this is significant, and families with larger hot water needs can save even more.  

Generally speaking, the life expectancy of a solar hot water heater is about 20 years which is much longer than a standard gas or electric hot water heater.  

Another tip:  Showering in the evening, when the water is hotter, can help you save even more money.

As with any Seattle solar energy system, solar hot water heaters - which include the storage tanks and solar collectors - require periodic inspection and maintenance.  But, over the long run, its a great investment.  

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