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Seattle Solar Panels

Solar power in Seattle? Let the solar specialists at Northwest Mechanical show you how. Smart, green energy for your home - right here in the Pacific Northwest.

Did you know...

  • Seattle gets 70% of the sunshine Los Angeles receives.
  • In 2006, 55% of the solar installations on earth took place in Germany, which receives only 70% as much sunshine as Seattle.

The truth is, incentives are far more important than a little increase in sun and Washington State has some of the best-designed incentives in the country. Be sure to ask us about Made In Washington Solar Panels.

Made in Washington Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels

Solar Electric Systems convert the photons in sunshine into electricity you can use in your building. In our area, 1 kilowatt (kw) of PV installed in an optimal location will produce about 1,000 to 1,200 kWh of electricity per year. The average Seattle household uses about 10,000 kWh of electricity per year. Because of excellent government incentives, a 3kw PV system, which generates about 30% of the average households energy, can bring in enough money to pay 100% of the household’s electric bills.

Currently the incentives for solar photovoltaic systems are:

  • 30% Federal energy Tax Credit based on installed system cost.
  • Washington State Incentive of 15-54¢ per kWh that your system produces.
  • Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s) that fluctuate in price from 2-20¢ per kWh your system produces.
  • Sales Tax Exemption.
  • An increase in home value of $20 for every $1 your system saves you annually.
  • Accelerated system depreciation over 5 years for businesses.

Live Well. Live Sustainably

By purchasing a Solar system, you are essentially paying for your future energy up front. The benefit of this is that you don’t have to worry about energy rates increasing. In fact, increasing energy rates mean that the assessed value of your solar system goes up. This is great in the event that you move because you now have a unique, valuable feature that will increase the price of your home and if you do the solar tour, increase the number of potential buyers coming to visit.


Watch this video here, a testimonial and description of a solar energy installation by Northwest Mechanical.


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Seattle Solar Panels

Made in Washington Solar Panels

Solar panels are up on this Magnolia roof ready for 7 kW of Silicon Energy Modules.

Made in Washington Solar Panels

Over 1/2 of the SiE 190 watt modules are installed.

All 40 modules are up and producing electricity from the sun, totalling 7.4 kW

Shoreline City Hall Solar

A Solar Awning over the new parking garage provides both shade and 20kW of solar energy with SiE "made in Washington" solar modules

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