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Boiler Installation Services

Our Service and Installation Teams install only the best products available: Lennox, Buderus, Veissman.

A well-maintained high quality boiler can last from 50 - 75 years. However, if a boiler is more than 25 years old, it may not have energy saving and safety devices found on newer models. With modern energy saving devices, a home owner can enjoy a 25 - 40% savings on energy usage and enjoy more comfort.

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Boiler Repair and Maintenance

Our experts have years of experience and offer complete service and maintenance including:

Boiler Efficiency Package:

Just as cruise control on your automobile works to maintain constant speed despite external demands, boiler efficiency controls allow your heating system to react to inside and outside temperature changes automatically, in an effort to provide your home with continuous comfort. With energy-saving temperature responsive controls, your system will maintain the comfort settings you desire by making adjustments for you. If your boiler is more than 25 years old, controls may help increase the efficiency of your system. However, just adding controls to an older boiler may not achieve the results you desire. Our Service Technicians can give you information that will assist you in making the best choice for your situation.

Boiler Maintenance:

Just as your automobile requires a periodic tune up to avoid an untimely break down, your boiler requires annual maintenance to ensure the efficiency, safety and dependability of your heating system. Planned Maintenance Agreements can be purchased up to three years in advance at today's prices. This comprehensive inspection also includes a Safety Inspection. Contact us to schedule your boiler's annual maintenance.

Boiler Safety Inspection:

Air Elimination Devices, Pressure Relief Valves, Low Water Cut Offs, Secondary Aquastat, and Back Flow Assembly Devices are common safety devices that should be found in working condition on all boilers. Our service technicians can help you ensure the safety of your family, tenants, or clients, by performing an annual Safety Inspection on your boiler. Safety inspections can be scheduled at your convenience. Contact us to schedule yours today.

Boiler Safety Packages:

If your boiler is 25 years of age or older, it may lack safety devices routinely installed on newer boilers. Our service technician can install a safety package including: an Air Elimination Device, a Pressure Relief Valve, Low Water Cut Off, Secondary Aquastat, and Back Flow Assembly Device. This will bring your boiler up to code and provide peace-of-mind knowing that your boiler is not a safety hazard to your family.

Earthquake Valves:

You may not think of the Northwest as an earthquake zone, but seismologists have long since known that the Puget Sound area is primed for a "big" one. By installing an earthquake valve on your gas meter, you can keep your home safe from a gas leak in the event of an earthquake. Our service department representatives can schedule your installation of this lifesaving device!

Emergency Service:

When you call the Service Department, you are getting a team committed to finding solutions to the toughest heating problems. We offer emergency service seven days a week, 24 hours a day. After normal business hours, our answering service will contact our on-call technician, who will contact you promptly to resolve your emergency heating needs. Keep our number handy in your personal phone book, on your refrigerator, in your boiler room, or by book-marking the "contact us" page on this web site.

System Repair:

When you call the Service Department, you are getting a team committed to finding solutions to the toughest heating problems. Our technicians provide the know-how to diagnose and repair your heating system in an efficient, client-focused manner. If your heating system is in need of repair, or you are in the process of a complete home remodel and need installation, contact our service department. A representative will be happy to schedule your system repair at time that is convenient for you.

Considering a home energy upgrade? We're also experts in sustainabile heating systems and maintenance including solar energy, geothermal and radiant floor heating

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