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Are you a Seattle homeowner with a Kitec plumbing system?  If you are, you could be facing big problems in the near future from leaking pipes and fittings causing extensive water damage to your home.  

The good news is that if you are one of the 10,000 homes in the Northwest affected, there is a class action settlement against Kitec.  This settlement gives families like yours the money to replace their plumbing system with a new reliable piping system.  Our plumbing experts at NW Mechanical can help you solve this problem and install an affordable and reliable new system for your home.

Your old Kitec plumbing systems generally utilize the hot water tank as your home heating source and a circulator which pumps heated potable (drinkable) water to each of the wall heaters. 

Here are some problems associated with this kind of system:

  • This heats water inefficiently
  • Poorer efficiency means greater cost
  • Bacterial growth in the pipes can cause possible health issues, including illness caused by legionella

NW Mechanical can help you solve these plumbing issues. 

Solutions available:

Our expert plumbers can install a heat exchanger, or upgrade your home’s plumbing to a boiler system to separate the potable water from the heating water.  We have professionally replaced over 150 failing Kitec systems in the Seattle area with new PEX tubing, a system that solves the issue of bacterial growth and water contamination.  

The only reliable way to solve the risk of water damage in your home is to re-pipe the Kitec with new piping.  This is an extensive re-piping, which includes sheetrock repair, but in the end will save you from major damage and cost.  Our staff will coordinate the whole job for a guaranteed, “better than new”, worry-free replacement.

We want to help you avoid imminent water damage caused by a faulty Kitec system and help you take advantage of money due to you to replace and upgrade your heating system.  NW Mechanical is an expert in solving this problem and is offering excellent pricing on Kitec replacement as well as coordinating every aspect of the job including sheetrock repair, painting and Kitec settlement documentation.  Let us help you solve this problem and give you some peace of mind.  Contact us for more information or to schedule a free appointment.

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